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XHealth Solutions 

Innovative consulting services for healthcare organizations.

What We Do 

XHealth Solutions - Where Success and Passion Meet

XHealth Solutions empowers health plans, hospital systems, IPAs, provider organizations, county governments, and community-based organizations to achieve operational success and fulfill their mission of delivering excellent healthcare.

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"Never mistake activity for achievement.”

- John Wooden 



Meet XHealth Solutions Founder, Darren 

Darren is a healthcare consultant with experience designing and implementing programs that help provide healthcare to vulnerable populations. He’s deeply passionate about improving healthcare for diverse communities and assisting healthcare organizations in achieving positive outcomes and economic viability in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

darren xanthos founder of xhealth solutions

XHealth Solutions

XHealth Solutions leverages expertise and experience in healthcare to offer problem-solving, opportunities for growth, and a positive impact on patients, providers, and payers. We provide consulting services in all areas of healthcare for all payer types including Medicaid, Medicare, and commercially insured.

XHealth Solutions expertise includes:

"When Washington State integrated behavioral health managed care to the Medicaid health plans, King County was facing a significant reduction to our role within the behavioral health community.  Darren was part of the team we engaged to help us find a path forward to continue and enhance our influence within the behavioral health system of care.  Darren was a critical partner in helping us strategize, design, build and implement a new managed care model that transformed the County's role from a traditional contract administrator to a collaborative network partner.  His  expertise with financial projections, value-based payment, and quality improvement have been integral to the ongoing success of our innovative approach.  I would not hesitate to work with Darren again when an organizational need arises."

Kelli Nomura, MBA, MHP
Former Division Director for King County's Behavioral Health & Recovery Division

Explore Solutions and Schedule a Consultation Call 

Start fulfilling your mission for the communities you serve. Schedule a 30-minute exploratory consultation call with Darren to discuss the challenges limiting your success and identity impactful solutions.

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