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Clinical Solutions

Providing great clinical care includes the strategic design and development of innovative and integrated medical and behavioral health clinical programs and services. Additionally, it requires the business intelligence and continuous quality improvement standards to not only deliver effective clinical care, but demonstrate it through objective data.

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Behavioral Health Delivery System & Clinical Expertise

Behavioral Health is more than a specialty service—it’s inherently linked to whole-person wellness and healthcare outcomes. Whether you are an administrator, payer, or behavioral health service provider, XHealth can provide guidance and expertise on practice standards, models of care, benefit administration, and strategies to improve outcomes.

Quality Improvement

Achieving quality outcomes requires a systematic, structured approach to continuous performance that aligns clinical expertise, operational protocols, alternative payment methodologies, and valid, reliable data tracking and reporting. XHealth designs, builds, and implements structured quality improvement programs that support scalable and sustainable change in both process and outcome objectives to accurately measure performance and effect lasting change for your organization and consumers.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence lies at the intersection of data analytics and business expertise. Where traditional analytics help synthesize information to formulate a retrospective review, business intelligence looks to augment analytics with industry expertise to create a prospective forecast. XHealth will work with your organization to create Business Intelligence systems and structures, enhancing process and outcome performance measurement capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the investment to work with XHealth Solutions?
    We work with clients who have a wide range of budgets. Our partnerships are structured to meet the needs of our clients and can include retainers, project pricing, and time and materials agreements. We encourage you to schedule a consultation call regardless of your budget.
  • Who does XHeath Solutions work with?
    We work with community based organizations of all sizes and we’re open to consulting on a wide range of projects.
  • What if our needs are highly specific or complex?
    XHealth Solutions can connect you with our network of consultants, each with a specific area of expertise. We’re committed to building a team that helps you solve challenges and meet goals.
Explore Solutions and Schedule a Consultation Call 

Start fulfilling your mission for the communities you serve. Schedule a 30-minute exploratory consultation call with Darren to discuss the challenges limiting your success and identity impactful solutions.

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