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About XHealth Solutions

XHealth Solutions encourages managed care organizations, delegated entities, hospitals, governments, and provider systems to cultivate healthier communities by aligning strategies, systems, and workflows to ensure greater efficiency and better patient outcomes.

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We Believe (Values)

Our Mission and Values

With a strong sense of purpose and excellence, XHealth Solutions collaborates with our clients to meaningfully serve their communities.

Embrace Challenge & Change 

Healthcare is a highly complex environment with unique challenges that impact the communities you serve. We understand the importance of maximizing opportunity, managing change, and identifying solutions that allow you to support your patients effectively.

Pursue Compassion & Connection 

We understand your mission is to provide compassionate healthcare that puts patients and clinicians first. XHealth Solutions believes our work together advances healthcare for the greater good.


Enable Excellence

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers to impact their communities positively. We offer our clients the experience and knowledge to help achieve operational, financial, and clinical excellence. 


Lead With Integrity

We’re committed to offering honest and objective solutions. We’ll do exactly what we say and expect our clients to hold us accountable for our commitments and core values. 


Meet Darren

Darren Xanthos, XHealth Solutions Founder

As a former actuary and a licensed clinical social worker, Darren’s deep and diverse healthcare experience provides essential insight into solving complex challenges. He blends quantitative and qualitative expertise to offer solutions tailored to his client’s unique needs. At his core, Darren is passionate about aligning financial and operational expertise with clinical care for patients. When Darren’s not helping his clients identify solutions that help them provide the best care for their communities, he’s spending time with his kids and enjoying his own Southern California community.

Background & Certifications

Darren obtained a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Southern California, a Master of Social Welfare degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a bachelor’s degree in management science at the University of California, San Diego. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and is certified in Rapid Process Improvement. 

darren xanthos founder of xhealth solutions

“Darren was always available to provide support and guidance; anything from a quick chat to an onsite event.  He gained the respect and trust of the project team and leaders through his authentic and respectful approach. Darren takes a listening posture to ensure he provides quality and relevant support and consultation.  It was a pleasure working with Darren and I would not hesitate for a second to work with him again!”

Amanda Flaum
COO, CenCal Health

Explore Solutions and Schedule a Consultation Call 

Start fulfilling your mission for the communities you serve. Schedule a 30-minute exploratory consultation call with Darren to discuss the challenges limiting your success and identity impactful solutions.

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